Useful Information


A written statement which contains evidence. The statement has to be signed by swearing on oath or by affirmation in front of a solicitor


An alternative form of dispute resolution to resolve disputes, with person who has been appointed as an arbitrator. It is almost a “mini-trial”. Arbitration is regulated by statute and both parties will be party to an arbitration agreement


The date upon which parties will receive/release keys for the sale/purchase of property/land and legal title for ownership of the property/land is transferred


Completion Statement
If you are buying or selling property then your solicitor will provide you with a completion statement.  This will show a breakdown of all monies received, from you and third parties, and details of the expenditure incurred 


Contact Order
An order requiring the person with whom a child lives, or is to live, to allow the child to visit or stay with the person named in the order or for that person and the child otherwise to have contact with each other.


This is the work carried out by a solicitor to check the title deeds to the land, house, property, flat or lease which you are buying.  This does not include checking any physical or structural matters such as neighbour disputes, drains, walls or damp as these are matters for you to investigate with your valuer/surveyor



An official order issued by a legal authority


Decree Nisi

A decree issued on a first petition for divorce; becomes absolute at some later date       


This brings a marriage to an end.  It does not settle your financial and property matters nor issues relating to contact/residence of your children - you have to make a separate application to the Court for such matters 


Driving Licence

A full driving licence photo card has to be renewed after ten years and you have to pay the DVLA a registration fee.  A provisional driving licence means that you can only drive a vehicle is a person holding a full driving licence accompanies you


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

All property owners must obtain an EPC for any property (whenever built) if the property (commercial or residential) is being sold or rented.  There is a slight variation in the format of an EPC which is prepared by the assessor for the rental of a property


Exchange of Contracts
When a legally binding contract is created for the sale/purchase of property/land and a date set for completion


Home Information Pack (HIP)
Sometimes also known as the Seller’s Pack. All property owners must produce a HIP before a property can be placed on the open market for sale with vacant possession.  These are no longer required for the sale of a property as these were scraped by the Government in 2010


Inheritance Tax
This may need to be paid on the value of your estate after you die.  The amount of tax you have to pay, if any, will depend on what you own at the date of your death, the amount of your debts and whether you are married 


Where a defendant whose responsibility or guilt is not in dispute proves facts tending to reduce the damages or punishment to be sentenced against him, he is said to show facts in mitigation of damages, or of damage as the case may be.


An alternative form of dispute resolution to resolve disputes by negotiation. The aim is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement between parties without any reliance on legal rules. Any decision reached can then be registered at Court


Multiple House Occupation

You may need to have a licence from the Local Authority if the property which you are renting has accommodation on more than two floors and is rented to individuals who are not related 


Reserved Costs
When the decision on the amount of costs to be awarded is deferred until a later hearing


Stamp Duty Land Tax
This may be payable if you deal with property, land, lease or such other interest 


Stamp Duty
This may be payable if you transfer shares


Totting up
Means that you have points on your driving licence which have not expired and if you get notice of a further driving offence which attracts points as a result of which you would have 12 or more points then that means you will be disqualified from driving